Top Theology Stories of 2022
GospelboundDecember 20, 202201:36:4688.66 MB

Top Theology Stories of 2022

In this special edition episode of Gospelbound, Collin Hansen is joined by Melissa Kruger as they look back on the big stories and trends of 2022, discuss how God has moved in and through their ministries, and share books that have stuck with them. They also take some time to thank you, their listeners, for encouraging them in the work of Gospelbound and Let's Talk.

We discuss:

  • Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation by Collin Hansen, and the idea of self-forgetfulness (5:36)
  • His Grace Is Enough by Melissa Kruger, written for kids and young adults alike (10:05)
  • The internet revolution and exposing abuse in the church (15:40)
  • How we can love the church unabashedly and with awareness (19:02)
  • Gospel advancement in the midst of world conflict (20:11)
  • 2022, the year that history began again (21:55)
  • The state of the church in Russia and Ukraine (23:26)
  • The state of the church in China (24:20)
  • How culture tries to answer the reason for hopelessness and lostness (31:27)
  • How the church can positively affect kids and teens (36:33)
  • How do parents discuss biblical sexual ethics with their teens? (40:00)
  • The overturning of Roe v. Wade (48:19)
  • The most memorable Gospelbound interviews of 2022 (54:52)
  • Upcoming Gospelbound interviews for 2023 (1:01:00)
  • Why this episode of Let's Talk was the most downloaded (1:02:36)
  • Books that have stuck with us (1:06:49)
  • How the internet can help you grow your ministry (1:23:40)
  • Favorite things (1:28:55)

Mentioned in this episode: